Great Uptown Westerville Location

Generations Performing Arts Center

11 W. College Ave

Westerville, OH 43081

Call us at 614-794-3298

Why uptown Westerville?
At our first meeting with parents in 1999, it was asked, "What do you look for in a location?" The answers included: spacious, convenient, safe, parking, clean facility, something to do while the children are in class, and food nearby for those who dance long hours.

In considering the spaces available for a dance facility, this location has all of those requirements.

This building had been used for the teaching of dance for many years prior to Generations. We are excited to continue the tradition of dance in this building and our goal is to continue to meet the needs and expectations of our dance families. In working to achieve this goal over the years, we have made the decision to acquire additional space close by in Uptown Westerville while still using this as our primary location. In 2011, we aquired space to create a studio above DanceWear Too and behind the Westerville Grill. In 2015, we acquired the old Autumn Wind Christian Fellowship Church at 33 E. Park St. and renovated the Sanctuary to use as a studio (keeping the beautiful stained glass windows). All of this is within walking distance of the main studio.

Because the safety of your children is one of our top priorities, we always have an adult designated to walk the children between the main studio and the annex studios as needed.

With Espresso Air Coffee Terminal, Java Central, Jimmy V's, Thai Grille, Westerville Grill, North Star, Rusty Bucket, Dairy Queen, Graeters, Whits, Old Bag of Nails, Koble`, Asterisk, Uptown Deli & Brew, Shirley’s Popcorn, and Schneider's Bakery, you'll never need to worry about food!!! There are also some wonderful little shops in uptown to keep you occupied like Deja Vu, Pure Roots, A Gal Named Cinda Lou, Edwin Loy Home, My Cousin’s Cottage, Amish Originals, Music & Arts, A Twist on Olives, Captivating Canines, Columbus Running Company, Westerville Florist, and Westerville Bike Shop while your children are in class. Take an art class at David Myers Gallery or view some artwork in the different galleries located nearby. In addition, the library and some great parks are within walking distance.

We know you'll love the location, facilities, and staff!!!!

Dance and Faith

Thank you so much for everything. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that Maggie dances at your studio. Your staff is so kind and you teach not only a solid dance curriculum, but a valuable lesson in faith (which is hard to come by in today's society). I look forward to Maggie dancing with you for a very long time.



Dear Angie and Cindy,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you both for running such a wonderful dance studio. After attending the dance competition at Louisville last year, and the one in Mason today, I continue to be thankful that Generations is a performing arts center that focuses on keeping the integrity and innocence of our girls (and boys) at the heart of costuming, music, and routine selections. I continue to be amazed at the talent of the young people at Generations, and am so happy and thankful that Madelyn has an opportunity to grow as a dancer and as a person at Gen-Pac.


Tami Hinz


I love that you use the older girls as big sis/mentors for the younger girls.  The older girls set a positive example and are responsible girls who handle themselves very well.

Favorite thing as a parent...

My favorite thing as a parent about Generations is that you value and teach each girl as an important person, not just a number or one of many dancers in your studio. I truly appreciate how you hold the girls to task, hold them accountable, and make them work hard but you do it in a loving and kind way. Your values as Christians really show through and we love that! I can't think of a better way for my daughter to spend her time. She is learning dance, but also learning valuable life lessons. I had been meaning to send you a note after the Mason competition about this. It was our first experience in a competition and I cannot tell you how impressed I was with our dancers and your choice of costumes, appropriate choreography, and rules of conduct. I was completely shocked to see how some of the other dance studios had their girls dressed, the dance moves they used, and their attire when walking around the hallway. It was quite a contrast to Generations dancers. It made me so happy as a parent. I truly want you to know how much I appreciate you! I will support Rachel dancing with you as much and as long as she desires! You are helping to raise great kids.

We are relatively new to dance and we LOVE Generations! You do a wonderful job with the girls. We chose Generations because 2 of Rachel's friends were students there. She was interested for a while, but we actually signed up for summer classes after Elizabeth brought Rachel to 'bring a friend to dance' day one May. Summer classes were a nice way to get started with a short commitment to see if she liked it. (She did!)

Absolutely fantastic place to send your children to learn dance! Very well organized programs for all ages. Our oldest daughter has been going here for a few years and every instructor has been very caring and talented. Can't wait to see our next daughter join in!