Class List


Creative Movement

From the ages of two and a half to five, beginning dancers at Generations take Creative Movement Classes. Students wear comfortable ballet slippers in class and learn the beginnings of tap and ballet in a fun and gentle environment! This introductory class for the very young dancer offers exposure to socialization, body awareness, coordination, rhythm and the lyrical qualities of movement and music. Generations offers two levels of Creative Movement. Tumbling and Parachute are added to the second level. Female students will wear Capezio or Bloch Pink Ballet Slippers. Male students wear black ballet slippers.

Tumble Tots/Tykes

Students ages 3 - 6 will work on their tumbling skills as well as balance, coordination, and agility through a variety of activities. This class is a perfect class for young boys and girls who are very active and like to jump, roll and move constantly! Students wear comfortable clothing and either come barefoot or wear dance shoes. Students may also wear tennis shoes if they are only worn for dance class and are clean.


Students begin Tap at the age of 5 (or 4 if they have previous dance experience). If your child likes to make noise, Tap is the perfect class for them! Students learn how to perform rhythmic formations with their feet, Tap dancing is great for coordination and exercise. Students will wear Black Patent Bloch or Capezio Tap Shoes. Students in C. I wear Tan Lace Up, and students in C. II wear Black Lace Up. 


Jazz is the form of dance  you see in shows and in choreography on the Disney Channel. It includes many different styles including theatre, pop, contemporary and hip hop. It is a dance of arm, leg and body movements, leaps, jumps and turns. It is up to date and fun! You can start jazz at 5 (or 4 if they have previous dance experience). In class, we focus on body awareness, technique and flexibility. Students will wear Capezio or Bloch jazz shoes. Students in Jazz I or Combo level I will wear Caramel shoes, Students In Jazz II or Combo level II and above will wear Caramel Shoes. Boys wear Black Jazz Shoes. 


Ballet is a classical form of dance where students learn traditional exercises and movements, often to classical music. Ballet is a technical form of dance and is the foundation for all subjects of dance. Ballet is defined as the theatrical representation of a story by means of dance or pantomimic action accompanied by music. It is a great beginning for a student of any age! Students under 5 begin with Creative Movement and then move into Ballet I at age 5 (or 4, if they have previous dance experience). Students will wear Bloch or Capezio Pink Ballet Slippers.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a specific type of jazz done to "funkier" music with movements and steps that match the quality of the music. The focus of this class is learning the steps of popular street dancing. Classical training is not part of the curriculum. Students may begin Hip Hop at the age of 5. Hip Hop students may wear Black Capezio or Bloch Dance Sneakers or jazz shoes.

Hip Hop for Tots

This is a Hip Hop class for children 3 - 5 year old students to learn basic Hip Hop dance. Students will wear black jazz or hip hop shoes.

Acrobatics (sometimes referred to as Tumbling)

Acrobatics is the floor exercise portion of Gymnastics with an emphasis on the quality of the skills. Acrobatics focuses on correct technique as well as using long lines and lean muscles to execute skills. Students work on stunts including, but not limited to somersaults, cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings and aerials. Students are barefoot for tumbling classes.

Combo Classes

Combo Classes can be a great way for a dancer to be exposed to more than one subject in a single class. Generations offers Ballet/Tap Combo I, 1.5, II, and III as well as Ballet/Jazz Combo I and II, and Tap/Tumble Combo I and II. In all level I.5, II and III classes, students will perform two dances. In the Ballet/Tap Combo I, students perform a Ballet dance and in the Ballet/Jazz Combo I students will perform a jazz routine in the recital. Students in Tap and Tumble I will do a tap routine in the recital. Shoes are those listed by the individual subjects.

Boys Classes

All classes at Generations are open to Boys, with the exception of Pointe, and we offer some classes for Boys Only. For the boys only classes, students must be at least 5 years old. During the summer, boys classes may be combined with other classes.

Father-Daughter Class

The Father-Daughter Class is designed with partner dancing appropriate for the participants. You will learn lifts, turns and basic movement of dance and partner work. This class is scheduled in a session to prepare for the recital, beginning in February to accommodate the schedules of busy fathers who want to participate in something very special with their daughter! Other relatives are welcome to participate with their child as well including moms, uncles, aunts, etc. Call for details in late January.

Adult Classes

Generations offers Adult classes in various subjects each session. Adult tap classes have been going on consistently for years. Adult classes may also have High School students in them. Trained dancers who are adults are welcome to participate in classes with more advanced students who are in high school.


In Pre-Pointe classes the students work to develop strength, flexibility and alignment in their feet in preparation for work 'en Pointe or for personal improvement. The class is open to any student age 9 and above with a minimum of 2 years experience in ballet.


Pointe dancing is an extension of ballet training where the dancer performs movements on the tips of her toes. Students must request permission to participate in this class after several years of Ballet Training. Students 'en Pointe take a minimum of three ballet classes in addition to their pointe class.


Contemporary is an advanced form of dance that Generations offers to serious students who participate in the Generations Performing Arts Company. If you are interested in Contemporary Dance you should study ballet and jazz.

Musical Theatre

These classes are geared to the student who has an interest in working on the stage in theatre. In Musical Theatre, students will focus on the dance aspect and will learn choreography to songs from Broadway Shows. At the Elementary level, the class is designed to the focus on the coordinated skills of singing and dancing together while becoming an animated performer. At the middle/high school level, they focus on the dancing aspect. 

Master Classes

Throughout the year, Generations will often bring in Master Teachers from around the country to do classes for our students. Russian Ballet Master, Valery Lantratov, tours the country and comes to Generations once or twice a year. July 31st- August 4th, 2023, teachers from Chicago and New York will come to Generations to hold a one week workshop for students throughout the community. All dancers throughout Central Ohio are invited to join us for this program each year. You do not have to be a Generations Dancer to participate. Call for more details!

Dance and Faith

Thank you so much for everything. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that Maggie dances at your studio. Your staff is so kind and you teach not only a solid dance curriculum, but a valuable lesson in faith (which is hard to come by in today's society). I look forward to Maggie dancing with you for a very long time.



Dear Angie and Cindy,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you both for running such a wonderful dance studio. After attending the dance competition at Louisville last year, and the one in Mason today, I continue to be thankful that Generations is a performing arts center that focuses on keeping the integrity and innocence of our girls (and boys) at the heart of costuming, music, and routine selections. I continue to be amazed at the talent of the young people at Generations, and am so happy and thankful that Madelyn has an opportunity to grow as a dancer and as a person at Gen-Pac.


Tami Hinz


I love that you use the older girls as big sis/mentors for the younger girls.  The older girls set a positive example and are responsible girls who handle themselves very well.

Favorite thing as a parent...

My favorite thing as a parent about Generations is that you value and teach each girl as an important person, not just a number or one of many dancers in your studio. I truly appreciate how you hold the girls to task, hold them accountable, and make them work hard but you do it in a loving and kind way. Your values as Christians really show through and we love that! I can't think of a better way for my daughter to spend her time. She is learning dance, but also learning valuable life lessons. I had been meaning to send you a note after the Mason competition about this. It was our first experience in a competition and I cannot tell you how impressed I was with our dancers and your choice of costumes, appropriate choreography, and rules of conduct. I was completely shocked to see how some of the other dance studios had their girls dressed, the dance moves they used, and their attire when walking around the hallway. It was quite a contrast to Generations dancers. It made me so happy as a parent. I truly want you to know how much I appreciate you! I will support Rachel dancing with you as much and as long as she desires! You are helping to raise great kids.

We are relatively new to dance and we LOVE Generations! You do a wonderful job with the girls. We chose Generations because 2 of Rachel's friends were students there. She was interested for a while, but we actually signed up for summer classes after Elizabeth brought Rachel to 'bring a friend to dance' day one May. Summer classes were a nice way to get started with a short commitment to see if she liked it. (She did!)

Absolutely fantastic place to send your children to learn dance! Very well organized programs for all ages. Our oldest daughter has been going here for a few years and every instructor has been very caring and talented. Can't wait to see our next daughter join in!