Generations is well known for its excellence in choreography, but also for its care to the appropriateness of choreography and costuming of children. Up to date choreography does not require inappropriate movement as many teachers would want you to believe. We recognize that you have placed your children in our care and instruction and we want the children to know what is appropriate movement and what is not. Our choreography and costuming are always in good taste. The parents of our students are always thanking us for this when they see other studios represented in the area at school talent shows and competitions. We think you'll appreciate it too!!!

"We enjoyed this past weekend and AGAIN I want to thank you for the class you teach our dancers to portray on stage! As a parent, I appreciate your costume choices and your appropriate dance steps. I may sound old fashioned but I think it teaches them self respect! Thanks for all you do!" Lauren Mattioda

In addition, our teachers have won many awards for their choreography, including the top choreography award for a ballet piece entitled "Waltz of the Roses" at nationals. It was refreshing to see a classical ballet piece rewarded. We were also awarded the best Technique at Two regionals and our National Competition recently! Great and Appropriate Training is what you will receive at Generations Performing Arts Center.

Generations received the Top Technique Award at Nationals as well as many Overall Awards! At regional and state competition Generations was awarded the "Technical Perfection" award and many Top Overall awards in addition to the Spirit Award at one of our regional competitions.

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