Fees for the 2022-2023 season

General Class Fees

All fees are based on a 9 month program meeting one time per week. You may now sign up for auto payment program at the desk or through your parent portal (your monthly payment may be automatically debited from your checking, savings account, or credit card.) We also accept checks, cash and credit card payments at the studio.

Classes begin August 23rd. 

General Class Fees
Creative Movement$46 per month w/ Autopay$49 if not on Auto Pay Plan
Tumble Tots Classes$46 per month w/ Autopay$49 if not on Auto Pay Plan
Hip Hop for Tots$46 per month w/ Autopay$49 if not on Auto Pay Plan
Half Hour Classes$49 per month w/ Autopay$53 if not on Auto Pay Plan
45 Minute Classes$57 per month w/ Autopay$63 if not on Auto Pay Plan
One Hour Classes$70 per month w/ Autopay$76 if not on Auto Pay Plan

Registration Fee

A $55.00 registration fee is due upon registration for the first child in a family. The fee is $10 per child for each additional child in a family. No Registration fee for summer classes.

Photos at Generations

All students will have their photo taken in their costume at the studio, both individually and with their class. Each student will receive a free photo from that exciting day! Parents are welcome to order additional photos.

Recital Fee

A $50.00 per family recital fee is due by January 31st for all families having one or more students participating. There are tickets issued, however there is no cost for the tickets. Our recitals for 2021-2022 are scheduled for May 13th and 14th and the dress rehearsal is April 30th. The dress rehearsal and Recital will be held at Westerville Central High School.


All prices include tights. We require a $40.00 costume deposit when registering. The balance is due December 15th. (Combination classes may have two separate costumes or one costume with extra accessories for the different dances)

  • Creative Movement/Tumble Tots/Hip Hop for Tots Costumes: $80.00
  • Child size Costumes: $95.00
  • Adult size Costumes: $110.00
  • Combination Class Costumes: $120 for child sizes and $135 for Adult sizes
  • Performing Arts Ensemble, Step One, Ballet Allonge' Performance and Competition Costumes: Priced Individually

Summer fees for 2022:

Classes are offered for 3 weeks beginning June 6th and concluding on June 24th. You may take as many or as few as you would like. We recommend a minimum of 4 classes, but if you are on vacation for a week, and know in advance, we will pro-rate the fees. There is no registration fee or costume fee for summer classes.

Summer Fees
30 Minute Classes$756 Classes
45 Minute Classes$886 Classes
1 Hour Classes$1006 Classes

4 Day Camps 2023:

4 Day Camps
3-6 yrs old$150
6-9 yrs old$150

Billing Statements

Invoices are set up at the start of the year and include all expected costs throughout the year. Copies may be obtained by stopping at the desk and requesting one at any time or logging into your parent portal. You may incorporate all of your fees into the auto payment program. Sign up for autopay through the office or through your parent portal.